Monday, 29 November 2010

Books With Bite!

Workloads are starting to ease up slightly, so I'm hoping we're going to be back to business as usual with a Wednesday Surgery this week, and perhaps even the final part of the Illustrator Guide, covering printing esoterica, other miscellany, and the ever-popular Five Lettering Errors That Will Give You Away As A Clueless Noob.

In other news, the Ten Deadliest Sharks graphic novel produced by Discovery Channel and Zenescope's all-ages imprint Silver Dragon, gets coverage on the USA Today website, which is a first for me!

Of course, 2010 has been a rather shark-heavy year for me, what with the artwork restoration and re-lettering on the --ahem-- somewhat less educational Hookjaw for Strip Magazine, which should be hitting the newsstands early next year.


  1. Also got a mention in Business Week, so sales should be good and it looks like you've done some nice work on those samples. Plus it is now finished ;)

  2. Blimey! Good spot, Emp! Thanks for that. :-)

  3. God that top 10 deadliest sharks looks like nephew-catnip. must keep an eye on that.

    How can a non-fiction project be described as a graphic novel though...? :)