Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fly Like An Eagle…

A belated congratulations to Mr Todd Klein, giant in the lettering field, all-round nice chap, and friend of this blog, on his Eagle Award Win, adding still another award to his trophy shelf which, I imagine, must be creaking somewhat under the accumulated weight by now!

A huge thank you is due to Todd's fellow Eagle Award nominee, Blambot's Mr Nate Piekos, for his incredibly generous plugging of this blog in the latest Blambot newsletter. If you don't receive it, you may be missing out on some of Nate's fantastic fonts, such is the superhuman speed with which he releases them.*

He also has impeccable taste, saying of this very blog:

"Jim Campbell has just started an incredibly informative blog about lettering with great beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques. Make sure you bookmark it. I have."

Thanks, Nate!

(The cheque is in the post.)



*He's suspiciously evasive on the subject of the army of Piekos-clones that I believe labours in his basement, without whom it's impossible to explain his ability to turn out two top quality fonts most months, letter about half the comic books published in English and produce his regular web comic, Atland which is both very funny and brilliantly drawn (but might be mildly NSFW in places).

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