Friday, 26 November 2010

If I could direct your attention to…

Still rushed off my feet here at Campbell Towers, but I did want to take a moment to direct your attention to the entirely wonderful Matt Brooker's new book, Timularo.

Matt is better known as his artistic alter-ego, D'israeli, and you'll find a link to his excellent blog under the "Blogs I Follow" header to your right. Tirelessly inventive, constantly experimenting, Matt's open, transparent and lucid discussions of his technique were in no small part the inspiration for this blog.

Well known in the UK as a 2000AD stalwart, providing the art for regular appearances of the strips Lowlife and Stickleback, he's probably better known to American comic readers for a stint inking Marc Hempel in the closing issues of Sandman, or perhaps for his War of the Worlds and Scarlet Traces work with Ian Edgington for Dark Horse. Some may even recall the splendid Lazarus Churchyard, penned by a then-virtually-unknown writer by the name of Warren Ellis…

Those of us with long memories and large comic collections, however, fondly recall the second half of the Eighties and the manifold pleasures of Deadline magazine where, nestled between the barmy adventures of Hewlett & Martin's Tank Girl and the deceptively simple charms of Phillip Bond's Wired World, Timulo was to be found.

Thanks to the adventures of the titular character, some of us have known for many years that Mr Brooker also possesses prodigious talent as a writer and is an admirably handy letterer as well. The strip has been out of print for donkey's years, but Timularo collects all the episodes together and adds a chunk of previously unseen material into the bargain.

Timularo is available from and comes thoroughly recommended. Treat yourself for Christmas.



Edit to add: with impeccable timing, Pete Wells' excellent 2000AD covers blog features a new cover by D'israeli, and includes an informative and fascinating overview of the processes involved in creating it.

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