Monday, 18 October 2010

Farewell, Mr Flicker…

…We hardly knew ye!

Since I seem to have become something of a champion of all-age comics (believe me, no-one's more surprised by this than me) and this blog has also been garnering far more attention that I ever dared hope, it's seemed increasingly inappropriate as the days have gone by to have two rather rude words writ large across the header of this page.

And, on a less altruistic note, it seems a bit daft to be showcasing my lettering skills on a blog headed with someone else's a name; a fictitious character whose name was selected solely because it looked a bit rude written a certain way.

So… away with you, Mr Flicker! The URL of this blog remains unchanged (so there's no need to change any links), but already forwards to this blog, and will do so shortly. At some point, when there's more content here than a blog, I'll probably migrate to a dedicated site under one of those URLs, but I'll be staying on Blogger for now.


  1. In the spirit of things, I've deleted an earlier comment I made featuring rude words. You've turned me into Stalin, Jim - I hope you're happy.

    Good to see the blog taking off!

  2. There's a SLICKER born every minute.