Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Doctor Will See You Now…

In addition to trying post meaningful content at least once week, it occurred to me that what I miss from posting this stuff on the 2000AD forum was the "surgery" aspect of contributing to a forum; not the prepared posts but the problem solving and the trouble shooting.

So… I'm going to attempt two 'surgeries' a week: Wednesdays and Sundays. If you have a question, put it in the comments section of this post and I'll attempt to answer it on Sunday. Similarly, pose questions in the comments on the Sunday post, and I'll try to answer them in the following Wednesday's post.

They don't just have to be lettering queries -- I know an awful lot about print production, fonts, graphics files and formats, scanning, Photoshop, more general usage of Illustrator, Manga Studio, and especially digital inking using the same.

I have some formal posts about prepping artwork, scanning, resolution and image formats in mind for the future, but those are a way off yet, so pitch in with any questions you might have here. If it's *really* urgent, say so in the comments and I'll try to supply a quick answer.


  1. Hi Jim

    I'm working the letterer in Manga Debut.

    I want to know why there is a size difference when I'm clicking on the letters as opposed to typing them strait out.

    Typed turn out massive compared.

    What I'm worried about is the final size I'll end up with?

    Hoping yu can understand and help,


  2. Can't help, Krom, sorry -- I've only had a quick look at the lettering tools in Manga Studio and they just aren't up to scratch for professional lettering.