Friday, 27 May 2011

Burns Victim!

Blimey… it's all go here at Campbell Towers at the moment, hence the relative lack of blogging.

The main culprit is Classical Comics' gorgeous-looking adaptation of Wuthering Heights, painted by veteran British comic artist, John M. Burns…

John's career dates back to the mid-60s, and he has been a regular contributor to 2000AD in recent years, doing some excellent Judge Dredd stories and, perhaps most notably, sharing the art duties on Nikolai Dante with series co-creator Simon Fraser.

I was fortunate enough to say hello to John at the Bristol Comic Expo earlier this month. Unfortunately, I didn't have the cash to make an offer on any of the stunning pages of fully painted artwork he had on show, but John was gracious and friendly in the face of my slightly awe-struck gibbering.

Amazingly, this isn't actually the first time John has worked on an adaptation of this very novel, as Lew Stringer's excellent blog details. Even more astonishing, for me at least, is that John also worked on an adaptation of Great Expectations, the Classical Comics version of which was my first professional lettering gig!


  1. I've got Kate Bush bleating away in my head now!

    Kudos on the gig though - must be really cool seeing John's art up close like that!

  2. Nice going on the Classical Comics gig, Jim! Lovely panel there, too...

  3. I hope his beautiful art is coloured a bit more sympathetically than the the Jane Eyre adaptation was. WH should never be dayglo.

    God I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Or is he doing the colouring himself? That looks like his style? That would be good....

  5. It's all fully painted by Mr Burns… :-)

  6. When I lettered Jane Eyre, CC would make me move the balloons around so as not to obscure any of John's artwork - but they've got to go SOMEWHERE...