Friday, 4 February 2011

Submitted For Your Consideration…

Nominations open today for the UK's well-regarded Eagle awards. When you get to the upper echelons of the lettering profession, I really don't think there's anything to choose between these guys in terms of technical skill, so it's all down to a matter of aesthetic preference; of taste. So, it's a given that one of lettering's big names will pick up the award, and deservedly so, whoever it is.

(I'd like to see the award go to Clem Robins or Nate Piekos, so often the bridesmaids but rarely the brides in these things, just for Clem's relentless efforts to make computer lettering look like hand lettering or Nate's indefatigable contribution to the lettering field, not least of these giving away a free font almost every month.)

However, given that I know (quite rightly) that I won't win, it would be nice if I could get on the nominations list. The current voting form is to build the "long list" -- a single vote will get you added to the present voting form. Once nominations have closed, the long list will be pruned down to the top five (or so) and voting proper will begin. 

I won't lie: even in the certain knowledge that I won't win, I'd be thrilled beyond words to make it onto the nomination shortlist. I've had a fair old chunk of stuff in print this year: Romeo & Juliet and The Canterville Ghost for Classical Comics; Charmed, Neverland, Salem's Daughter, GFT: Inferno, and sundry issues of Grimm Fairy Tales for Zenescope; Discovery Channel's Ten Deadliest Sharks for Zenescope's young reader imprint, Silver Dragon; Turning Tiger and the fill-in episodes of Spine Chillers for Renegade Arts…

And I've tried to maintain an active contribution to small press, lettering about half of the Millarworld anthology A Fistful of Comics; 'Old Friend' (which I also drew) in #22 of Dogbreath; 'Jikan: Cave of Death' and an episode of 'Battle Ganesh' for Paragon, plus the newspaper-style Jikan and the Kappa King for Paragon's blog; more CLiNT submissions than you can shake a stick at; 'Pleasing Symmetry' for Something Wicked; McAuliffe & Boyle's Dark Judges Special for Zarjaz; 'Replacement Heroes' for Reading With Pictures; 'Senior Citizen', 'Drop Ship' and 'Privacops' for Sleepless Phoenix; and, of course, Fractal Friction, which you should all vote for in the web comic category because it's brilliant.

So… if you read any of that little lot and enjoyed it, please consider visiting the Eagle Awards Nominations page and casting a vote for me to go forward to the nomination shortlist.

Even if you don't, thanks for reading this not-very-exciting post, and for supporting this blog.




  1. Plus a number of those small press titles are up for nominations too: FutureQuake, Zarjaz, Dogbreath and Paragon.

    If folks are voting on the Eagles and don't have anything for that slot they should think about throwing a nomination in on one of those.

  2. I think -- as Mike Carroll has suggested -- we should all get behind Zarjaz, rather than split the FQ vote. As good as Paragon is, I can't believe that FQ hasn't won anything despite putting out quality product for YEARS.

  3. There always seem to be something each year that gets a bit of momentum behind it and shoves FQ off the top slot.

    I think Tharg would get behind a Zarjaz nomination which could give it the boost it needs. Pity you can't see the list after you've voted so I don't know what else is on there now.

  4. Done and done, Jim. Also threw in noms for Carlos, Mike Carrol, Matt Smith and Fractal Fiction. Cheques are payable to... :D