Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wednesday Surgery: The Shoulders Of Giants…

I was mulling over some thoughts for today's Surgery but then noticed that Todd Klein had posted a splendid update to his blog. Todd is a friend of this blog, and a letterer who has won the Eisner award for Best Letterer so many times that they should probably just engrave his name on it.

So… when Todd speaks about lettering, I shut up. This time, he's made a detailed post about lettering a section of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Alan Moore.
Kevin O'Neill.
Todd Klein.

Compared to that, I got nuthin'. Read Todd's post here.

Whilst I'm deferring to wiser heads than mine, I would also direct your attention to this unrelated but superb tutorial on constructing lettering in perspective by Clem Robins. I had to Google this up for a recent discussion on another Digital Webbing thread because I'd failed to bookmark it. That was a mistake -- I've bookmarked it now, and so should you!



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