Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday Surgery: Practise Packs

This week's Sunday Surgery brings a couple more batches of sample pages for you to work, courtesy of the nice people at Zenescope Entertainment.

First up, we have the first five unlettered pages, plus script, for Salem's Daughter #4. The pages are the correct size, but have been reduced to 150dpi to try and keep the file size down. Click the link below to for the download, which is about 19Mb.

Download Salem's Daughter #4 Pages

Next, we have the first five pages of Neverland #0, along with the script. Again, the resolution of the artwork has been reduced to keep the download reasonably quick -- about 17.5Mb this time.

Download Neverland #0 Pages

As previously, please feel free to use these for practise and/or portfolio pieces but not for any other purpose and please do not, under any circumstances, remove the copyright notice on the artwork.

If you'd like to post a link to your lettered versions results on the comments section here, or post the pages themselves on the Digital Webbing lettering forum, for a critique, you're most welcome to.

I know several people posted links to their versions of the previous practice packs, and I have downloaded them all -- I hope to bring you some crits in a Surgery post fairly soon.

In the meantime, I hope you find these new packs helpful. There'll be some more to follow shortly.




  1. As promised in a previous comment, my lettering attempt for Judge Dredd pages is online if you're curious to see it, and the time for me to work on these new packs. And yes, they're very helpful to try other lettering styles in my case. :) Thanks!

    PDF :

    Zip file :

  2. Salem's Daughter pages were a little harder but they're finally done, and I hope the result will be up to the task:

  3. Thanks for posting these practice packs, Jim. I did the Salem's Daughter sample, and I've put the .pdf up here:

    The fonts are all my own designs.

    There were some awkward challenges, here, especially for balloon/tail placement. Not *every* solution I found was as elegant as I would have liked, but I always tried to keep the flow of the page fairly clear without stepping on myself. Comments by all are appreciated...

  4. Hey Jim,

    Thanks for posting these practise packs! Attached are links to my attempt at th eNeverland pages. Click on each page to view supersize.

    George E Warner

  5. How much leeway do you have with moving balloons to another panel? There were a couple of instances in Salem's Daughter where it would have improved the flow of dialogue and still made sense with what was drawn. Also: "Shriek" doesn't work particularly well as onomatopoeia...