Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy 2015!


Another year goes past without any content being added to this blog, for which I can only offer my now-traditional apologies.

If anything, this poor, neglected blog has been a victim of my success, with somewhere north of 6,500 pages lettered in 2014, an average of 19 per day, every single day of the year. In all honesty, it was too much, so I've pulled back a little and will try to do slightly fewer books in 2015, but perhaps do them better.

And maybe do a little drawing, and some writing. Some of it may even be in the form of posts to this blog!

In the meantime, get yourself over to Comicraft's website for the traditional New Year's Day Sale — all fonts a bargain $20.15…!

I'd also like to offer my thanks to everyone who's hired me to letter their book or design their logo in 2014. Over-commitment, blood pressure scares and adventures in emergency dentistry have meant this hasn't, perhaps, been my finest year but I hope that hasn't been too apparent in my work. Still, 2015 shuffles into view with moves afoot to address all those things, so it's onwards and upwards.

See you in the funny books, folks!