Thursday 28 April 2011

Illustrator How-To: Offset Path video walkthrough

With, as ever, apologies for the length of time between posts recently, I'm hoping to bring the blog back up to speed with regular updates, at least weekly, from now on.

Firstly, a follow-up to a question about using Offset Path to create breakout balloons. It seemed easiest to just walk through the process on-screen, which is what I've done below:

--I've removed this video for now…
it'll be back as soon as I can get the
video and audio to sync properly!--

(If you click through to the full YouTube site, there's a 720p version that should be a lot clearer and easier to follow.)

If you have any questions arising from this, or if Illustrator doesn't do exactly what I show here, then please use the comments section below to let me know, but be sure to tell me what version of Illustrator you're using, and whether you're on Windows or OSX.

Monday 4 April 2011

Dark Knight, Happy Day!

You may have noticed I don't talk much about specific comics on this blog. There's a reason for that… I always feel strangely like singling out a comic I enjoy seems like I'm somehow snubbing all the ones I don't mention.

But, having said all that, the news that Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle will be returning to Batman under DC's Retroactive banner has made me unfeasibly happy. I loved the team's work on the character in the 90s and the news that their stint as personae non gratae at DC might have come to end, presumably opens up the possibility of some big fat TPBs.

I'd particularly like to see the Detective issues reprinted -- I think these were my favourites, since Grant was largely left alone and untroubled by wider company continuity, turning out great scripts month after month and getting some truly fantastic performances on art from Breyfogle in return. It was one of those great examples of a collaborative medium where the character brings out the best in the creators, who in turn bring out the best in each other, and deliver work that sets the standard for the character.

So… Grant and Breyfogle back on Batman. Fantastic news!

Saturday 2 April 2011


Unless you've had your head in a bucket for the last few weeks, UK comic fans are unlikely to have missed the upcoming KaPow! comic convention, organized by Mark Millar and featuring more industry heavyweights than you can shake a stick at… several sticks, for that matter! 
One event that's not listed amongst the headline panels and talks is an attempt by assorted writers and artists to create a new comic (featuring Mark's Superior character) that will break the Guinness records for fastest production of a comic book and most contributors to a comic book.

With all the proceeds going to Mark's local children's hospital, it's a good cause and sounds like a lot of fun, which is why I'm delighted to be pitching in with the lettering. The attempt will be going on between 11:30am and 6:30pm on the Saturday, during which time I will most likely be chained to my laptop, lettering like a lunatic.

If you spot me, please stop by and say hello!