Thursday, 5 January 2012

Greetings From The Future!

Wow. 2012.

No, it's no good -- no matter how many times I type that, it's going to look like the future to me!

I'll confess that this blog has -- regrettably -- been a victim of my own success. Checking back through my records, it seems that I've lettered 4124 pages in 2011, rather more than half of those in the last six months. That's amazing, and I'm grateful to every editor, writer or artist who's given me work or recommended me for a job during that period.

To everyone who's been wondering why the blog updates have been few and far between, this is the reason. To everyone who's had to wait longer that I would have liked for a response to an e-mail, this is the reason. To anyone who was expecting my contribution to the lettering talk at this year's Thought Bubble in Leeds, this is the reason! I can only apologize profusely, especially to Nic Wilkinson, who I left high and dry at the aforementioned talk, and to Ian Sharman who diligently stepped up in my last minute absence. All the feedback I've heard is that the talk went down really well, which is mildly deflating to my ego, but brilliant for everyone else concerned!

The first few months of 2012 (Ahh! The Future!) look a little calmer than the last few of 2011, so I'm going to try and hit a schedule of weekly updates for the foreseeable future, and maybe even get a few posts ahead of myself in case of the inevitable deadline crunch.

Here's hoping you all had a splendid Christmas and New Year, and that 2012 brings you good fortune and happiness.



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  1. Happy New year.

    And a calm few months? Hmmm I think I might just have something for you around here...