Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saying Goodbye…

I can't believe it was only October last year when I started this blog… it's been quite a not-quite-year, what with over 30,000 page views and more than 100 followers for the blog, plus an Eagle Award nomination out in the real world, and some very generous feedback from industry figures I have respected and admired for years.

Sadly, this retrospective mood comes on me today because, in my first real post back in October, I introduced you to my faithful assistant, Joanna (Jojo) Campbell:

It's my sad duty report that Jojo was seemed very out of sorts last night and, on being taken to the vets today, was discovered to be far more gravely unwell than we had any way of knowing. With much sadness, my wife and I decided that we had to let her go, and said goodbye to her this morning after sixteen years of her company.

Cantankerous and contrary, Jojo was a cat with a great deal to say for herself, but who was also delicate, pretty and affectionate. We both miss her terribly and I never fail to be surprised by depth of loss one can feel at the death of a pet.

(I know this is a lot of sentimental old nonsense but to hell with it, this is my blog and it makes me feel a bit better!)


  1. hugs to you both

  2. Sorry to hear that Jim, it's a horrible thing to lose our wee hairy companions.

  3. So sorry, man. I know I'd be absolutely devastated if/when my dogs pass on, so I can definitely understand how you're feeling.

  4. Man... I know how you feel.