Monday, 4 April 2011

Dark Knight, Happy Day!

You may have noticed I don't talk much about specific comics on this blog. There's a reason for that… I always feel strangely like singling out a comic I enjoy seems like I'm somehow snubbing all the ones I don't mention.

But, having said all that, the news that Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle will be returning to Batman under DC's Retroactive banner has made me unfeasibly happy. I loved the team's work on the character in the 90s and the news that their stint as personae non gratae at DC might have come to end, presumably opens up the possibility of some big fat TPBs.

I'd particularly like to see the Detective issues reprinted -- I think these were my favourites, since Grant was largely left alone and untroubled by wider company continuity, turning out great scripts month after month and getting some truly fantastic performances on art from Breyfogle in return. It was one of those great examples of a collaborative medium where the character brings out the best in the creators, who in turn bring out the best in each other, and deliver work that sets the standard for the character.

So… Grant and Breyfogle back on Batman. Fantastic news!


  1. Only a one-shot unfortunately. They deserve a series again. Imagine how much better the recently cancelled Batman Confidential series would have been if Grant and Breyfogle had been allowed to tell out-of-continuity stories.

  2. Grant/Breyfogle was also one of my favorite Batman combos. So glad many others feel this way. I hadn't heard this announcement, glad I caught it here.

  3. TBH, Moose, I'm more cheered by the apparent thaw in DC editorial's attitude to Grant & Breyfogle that this seems to signify, particularly if that means we get to see some proper trades of their run on the character…

  4. A question off topic - I was looking at scans of the old Jim Warren magazines, Famous Monsters, Spacemen, etc., and I noticed that they always had unique hand lettered titles inside. Does anyone know who did Jim Warren's lettering in these early magazines?

  5. Ben Oda is the name I have discovered did the hand lettering and set the style for others to follow.